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Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States of America
HEY THERE. It seems you have stumbled upon my userpage. I wonder how you did it since I pretty much only come here to lurk on fan communities for my ships when I'm out of reading material. I wonder if anyone actually cares about who I am when I occasionally comment...
Anyways, since you are here, I feel the need to tell you stuff about me.
I shall begin now.
I was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada on January 24th. Yes, that not only makes me a Canadian, but also a FRENCH Canadian (je parle Fançais). My oldest memories take place in a house that was nearly 100 years old while we lived there, 91 Kingsway in Winnipeg, if you want to creepily streetview that. I went to school at L'École Taché until about 4th grade, and then we moved to Upstate New York. My time there was not spent well, for the first few years I was bullied and even after I never really believed that I fit in with everyone there. One thing that did come out of it was that I did learn how to speak french quite well, which is why you will occasionally see some random french across my journals.
In Upstate, I lived in Pittsford, and those will probably always be regarded as my best schooling years. After a slightly rocky start in school because I was not too familiar with the American schooling-system, especially in Math where I failed epically, I managed to get into Honors Math in 6th grade. 6th Grade also happened to be the year that I realized while everyone else was studying their arses off for exams and getting good grades, I wasn't studying at all and still somehow getting the same scores. Studying was (and still is) a foreign concept to me. I made an incredible odd-ball group of friends and we had some pretty cool times together. I won't forget them.
I moved at the end of Freshman Year of High School to Dallas, Texas. I don't like it here, it's too hot and humid and it tends to rain.

Alright, so now you know about my past, I guess you want to know about who I AM. Like, what I do online and stuff. I guess that could be important...
Well, to start things off, I'm a rabid fangirl. Partially. Kinda.
I'm also a slash shipper, but unlike some of those people, I like to make sure that my ships are realistic, mkay? Just so you know and/or want to converse with me, here are a list of shows that I like including my ships in the show (because I actually can't watch a show without shipping SOMETHING.):
• Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler -Sebby/Ciel, Ciel/Sebby (anime), Sebby/Claude, Claude/Alois, Alois/Ciel, Will/Grell, Sebby/Will (THAT IS A LOT. Holy shit. Let's see if it is the show where I ship the most...)
• Supernatural -Cas/Dean (because that's how it is now.)
• Naruto -SasuNaru (there are no other logical ships.)
• True Bluuud -Eric/Bill, Godric/Eric, Eric/Sookie. (I think you can tell who my favorite character is.)
• Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood -Olivier (no ships. I just love her <3 ), Roy/Ed (yuuuuum)

Keep in mind, the chances I will ever actually write/draw any of this is pretty low. Doesn't mean I won't do it, it'll just be really, really rare.

Um... yeah. I think that's all I need to say xD
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