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Hetalia fan art! Part 2.

 I drew more fanart. ALSO. IF YOU'RE LOOKING AT THIS PRETTY PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. You can also friend me. I'm a nice, interesting person that draws a lot of things. :) Sometimes I post things about my life. Rarely, but I do. I also spend more of my time over on tumblr, (insaneisjustanotherword). I post a lot of stuff over there and you get to see sketches of what I'm drawing too.

So, after that ramble, here's my art.

APH - Canada Day+4th of July by ~alexandravan5 on deviantART

Canada and America! I love these two. I drew it for Canada day, but was off by an hour for my time-zone when I posted it. At least I've got Independence day covered too now :)

APH - Arthur Kirkland
by ~alexandravan5 on deviantART

My headcanon has England as more of kind of an aloof father figure who likes to wear glasses and read the newspaper.

APH - Feliciano
by ~alexandravan5 on deviantART

Headcanon for Italy: He just acts like an idiot because he's afraid that Germany won't stay around him as much if he doesn't. He's also really seductive when he wants to be.

You can probably expect more art! I'm planning to draw some fem!Germancest eventually.

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