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just_another_word ([personal profile] just_another_word) wrote2011-06-14 03:58 pm

Art Dump!

Art dump time! Since it's the summer, I have no life, and all I have been doing is drawing and drawing and drawing and this is a dump of basically what I've been working on. I've figured out how to get Sai on my mac, so that's what I've been using. I am in love with the lines that it can make and the gorgeousness of the coloring I can do... and then I finish it off in Photoshop the usual way. Maybe I'll make a tutorial. Or something. I might write some to go with this stuff.

JJ! AKA Lily's lder brother, James. I needed to draw him... Well, I felt like drawing him. I love him.I can't even WRITE about him in the actual canon 'cause it's so far ahead in the future.

BOOBIES! That's all I have to say.

Whatever this is I don't know but it's pretty damn canon. Also, I still don't know how to do actual backgrounds... AKA I don't plan. At all.

GALVIN! Lookin' sexy with 'em tattoos and being beautiful and dangerous and -gah-

CANON BITCHES. Nathan and JJ. Why? 'Cause why the fuck not. Two broken souls finding each other... This is the most sane relationship. It's domestic and cute and I love them so much.