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just_another_word ([personal profile] just_another_word) wrote2010-11-29 11:09 pm


 Art for THIS FIC. I feel so bad for Sasha, he looks so cute and innocent and I wanna keep him and hug him. Too bad he's dead. And I feel really bad for him because it doesn't look like Galvin ("Mikhail") cares. At all. Because he really doesn't, he doesn't even remember the poor kid's name until later.

Sasha really does look like grown up Shotabait. Like, when he was little I can imagine him to be adorable and cute. He's a little too tall in this pic. He also has a nice ass. And red hair. AND SO CUTE. ANYWAYS he looks so hopeful and all I can think about is how the kid is gonna get some... and then die.